Hello there! My name is Fatima Fasih Рfairly new resident of Karachi, stray cat lover, and a watercolorist on the side, working as a Program Manager of Sustainable Development at the Centre of Excellence in Responsible Business (CERB) at the Pakistan Business Council.

Living away from Pakistan, I grew up longing for khussas, kurtas and all things desi. Little did I know that after living abroad all my life, my Bachelors and Masters in Sustainability Management from the University of Toronto would lead me to a sustainability career and a cosy home in Karachi. Like a bright-eyed child gazing up on the ceiling fan in wonder, the more I live and travel in this city, the more I understand its wins and losses and fall for it even more.

Considering the youth bulge in its population demographics, honing a sustainable lifestyle by its citizens is the only way to make this city livable for the many generations ahead. Through this blog, I hope to show the hows and whys to living a sustainable, responsible life in Karachi – and give this beautiful city more than we take from it.

Note: All pictures in this blog are taken by me.