Reasons why I’ve decided to make August a ‘no-new-clothes’ August

Since this is my journey to responsible consumption, I don’t intend to force this upon anyone else, nor do I want to state that my lifestyle is better than others. This is just a journey of mine to focus on what I have instead of what I don’t. Here’s why:

  • I’m drowning in “stuff”. My closet (and store room) is overflowing with kaprey and more kaprey while the majority of the people of this country have to make do with very, very less. It’s about time I value what I have already and make best use of them than treat them like disposable pieces.
  • I want to reduce my waste. Every new piece of kurta we buy includes plastic packaging. That is my direct waste – there’s more indirect waste that has been created just through the production of that particular product. In a country with little to no waste management systems, adding new plastic and waste to the system doesn’t make much sense. While I wish companies became more cognizant of their consumers’ waste, most of the responsibility falls on my decision as a consumer.
  • I want to focus more on experiences – and less on dresses I’ll wear once a year or at best once a month. An unnecessary amount of my salary goes into buying new clothes every month. That money can easily be saved for more important things such as travel, good food experiences (am I right?!), education and charity.
  • The sudden urge to go shopping in a sale made me feel out of own control. Being a slave to discounts and sales isn’t a great feeling and once I’m done spending on something I don’t really need, I get stuck in ‘spender’s guilt’ and come back to it every time I see a tagged dress in my wardrobe that I haven’t tried on in months.
  • Initially, I wanted to try a ‘nothing-new’ August, but that seemed too far fetch from my current lifestyle of consumerism. Hence, I decided to take a step at a time to changing my lifestyle.

Is it possible to buy zero clothes in a month as a working woman in Karachi with lawn ads and sale e-mails being bombarded at you both offline and online? Let’s find out!

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